About Us

Our Company

Since 2002, AHosting has been providing rock-solid consumer and enterprise grade hosting. We're based in Florida and our hosting services are housed in world-class data centers in Orlando and Detroit.

We offer web hosting to suit sites of all sizes, from personal blogs to enterprise applications. Our hosting solutions are reliable, scalable, responsive and affordable.

Our Promise

Our web hosting is the bedrock upon which our clients build their businesses and make their mark on the Internet. We take that responsibility seriously.

Over many years of working with developers, designers, and business people, we've learned how to provide the foundations they need to create the sites they envision.

Our experience has given us a unique insight into the needs of hosting clients, and that insight shapes everything we do, from our commitment to technical excellence to our unbeatable customer service.

We're dedicated to providing clients with an awesome hosting environment and round-the-clock support. We know good enough never is, and so we promise to always go above and beyond to give you the support you need to make the site you imagine a reality.

What Our Clients Say

Gabriel Fernández Cabañas / Web Development Consultant

We at NEOTEGRA feel very satisfied with the services that have been provided us. It is very important for us to count on a reliable server that will meet our needs and that of our clients. Without our clients, we would not be anybody.
The reliability of the server has been impecable, we have never been offline and the response time is fast and reliable.
The NEOTEGRA team congratulates you for the excellent service and support that you have provided us.

Anadela Silva Ceceña / 314mexico.com

I just want to public my great support experience with Adnan...I'm from México, and i've doubt about hosting in other country because of PANIC of missing support in case of problems. I'm new around here but believe me, this boy is always here for my needs, i'm not an expert at systems or anything like that so i might be a problematic customer because of my short knowledge at this item, but i want to thank your pacience, your smile and your quik answer. Keep like this ... ciao

Anna Andersson Kolmodin

This is one of the best companies I've ever delt with. They always answer supportmails within MINUTES, this is awesome! They always have a solution. If they don't have one, they create a new one. They are always nice and you get a personal response from support/billing department and so on. The service is working all the time and you have many different solutions to choose from. I am glad to recommend ahosting!

Jose Chacon

Ahosting have an EXCELENT, technical support, highly recommended.