Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Sales Questions

Is my credit card details secure with you?
Yes. We use a PCI-compliant 3rd-party payment gateway for credit card payments. We don't see your credit card information, at no point are those details stored on our servers, and all communication between you and the payment gateway is encrypted.
Will I be able to upgrade my account as my website grows?
Yes. You can upgrade your account at any time by contacting our sales department. There is no charge for upgrading to a new plan. The charges for your current plan will be prorated so that you only pay for that plan until your upgrade is finalized.
Can I register my domain with you?
Yes. You can register a new domain with us, or transfer domains you already own.
Do you offer unlimited bandwidth?
No. Bandwidth is a finite resource. It is not possible to honestly offer infinite bandwidth to our clients. We pay our upstream providers for bandwidth and pass that cost on to our clients. All hosting companies work in this way.
Can I try your system before making a commitment?
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if we fail to provide the services we outline on this website. This promise applies to all hosting packages with the exception of dedicated server packages.
Can I host adult material?
No. We do not allow the hosting of adult material on our servers.
Can I host material that infringes copyright with you?
No. We do not allow the hosting of material that infringes copyright or facilitates copyright infringement. This includes pirated media and software, cracks, serials, etc.
Do you allow streaming of video or music?
Yes. We offer FFmpeg hosting packages specifically designed for building video and music streaming sites.
Are you a reseller for a different hosting provider?
No. We use our own hardware, which is located in newly-built data centers in Orlando, FL. and Detroit, MI.
How soon will my account be activated?
Your account will be activated as soon as we receive verification of payment.
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
Yes. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for hosting packages except for dedicated server packages. We will honor this if clients have conformed to our terms and conditions of service. We ask that you tell us why you are not happy with our service, so that we can improve in the future.
Which control panel does your hosting use?
We use the latest versions of cPanel and WHM.

Billing Questions

Can I prepay for an additional monthly bandwidth allowance.?
No. If you think you will regularly exceed your bandwidth allocation, the best course of action is to upgrade to a package with a larger quota.
If you believe you will exceed your bandwidth for the current month, please contact our sales department before you go over the limit. You may pay at the end of each month for extra bandwidth used, or you can choose to block access to your site so that no further bandwidth charges are incurred.
Subscription - Auto payment?
You can setup subscription (auto payment) for your plan to get your payments automated if you didn't have one already. Subscription is available to setup for PayPal payments only! To create a new subscription you will need to wait till next invoice get issued which is every 25th of the month. You have only 5 or 6 days to view/use "PayPal Subscribe" button over the invoice. This button is automatically removed by billing software after "Invoice due date" which is 1st day of the month. If you miss subscription date interval don't worry you can always do this at next invoice.
How can I cancel my hosting plan or dedicated server?
If you would like to discontinue your hosting plan and would like to cancel your plan please follow the steps below.
1) Login to billing portal
2) Click My services tab
3) Click on the icon at right side to your hosting plan to see package details
4) Click "Request Cancellation" button
5) Confirm you have file backups with writing " I understand all my files irrecoverable and I have full backups" at note text box
6) Describe the reason for your cancellation for us to improve our services
7) Please make sure that you have canceled "active" payment subscription

Setup Questions

I already have a domain. Can I use it with your hosting?
Yes. Once you have purchased an account with us and indicated the domain name you would like to use, you will need to alter the DNS records for your domain so that they point at our domain name servers. You can do this with your domain name registrars control panel.
Which domain name servers should my domain name point to?
This information was sent to you in your activation email. You will find it under the section called "DNS instructions" towards the bottom of the email.
I have received the activation notification email, but my site cannot be reached on its domain.
If you received confirmation of your account's activation more than 24 hours ago and are still unable to reach your site by entering its domain name in your browser, please recheck the DNS details you entered into your domain registrar's control panel.
Domain name records can take 24 hours or longer to propagate through the system. This is an inherent limitation of the way the Internet works and cannot be changed.
Do you support subdomains?
Yes. A subdomain is a prefix to your domain name. For example, if your site is located at:
A subdomain of that site would be:
The number of subdomains you can use with your account depends on the package you purchased.
How do I access my account's cPanel control panel?
You can access cPanel at:
  • or
where "yourdomain_or_IP" is either the domain name or the IP address associated with your account.
You can find the login credentials for cPanel in your welcome email.
How do I access my account's WHM reseller control panel?
You can access WHM at:
  • or
where "yourdomain_or_IP" is either the domain name or the IP address associated with your account.
You can find the login credentials for WHM in your welcome email.
How can I use my package's email accounts?
Your email will be available at:
for both POP3 and SMTP protocols.
How can I access my account with FTP?
Enter the following into your FTP software:
  • Site label : or ip
  • Hostname : or ip
where "yourdomain" and 'ip' refer to the domain name or the IP address associated with your account.
You will find your username and password in the welcome mail we sent, and you can change both after you have logged in to your control panel.
How do I access my account's webmail?
Your webmail interface is available at:
  • or
where "yourdomain_or_IP" is either the domain name or the IP address associated with your account.
You will need to enter your email credentials, as configured through cPanel. These are not the same as your cPanel login details.
What is the path to Perl?
The Perl executable is located at :

You must prefix your Perl scripts with :
Which version of PHP are you running?
Our servers run PHP 5.X
What is the path to Sendmail?
The Sendmail executable is located at:
How do I enable SSIs in my HTML pages?
To use SSI (Server Side Includes) ensure that your web pages are saved with a filename that ends in the extension .shtml
Do you offer Microsoft Windows-based hosting accounts?
Do you support ASP, Microsoft SQL Server, or Microsoft Access databases?