Choosing Reliable FFmpeg Hosting

FFmpeg hosting clients have very specific needs, and those needs are not always met by standard shared hosting providers. To offer the best possible experience to a site’s users, it’s necessary to ensure that the hosting platform that webmasters choose for their site offers capabilities that are tailored to the unique requirements of video and audio sharing platforms.

To help clients make the best choice for their site, we’re going to have a look at the services and infrastructure that they can expect from a high-quality FFmpeg hosting company.


Users of video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo have come to expect a level of user experience that is not easy to replicate for a hosting company without the same enormous resources as a company like Google. To build a robust and loyal community of sharers, it’s necessary to provide very fast video conversion and streaming. No one like to wait for hours while their videos are uploaded and encoded, so high performance servers with plenty of processing power and bandwidth are essential.


A platform that is appropriate for serving standard websites isn’t usually well suited for FFmpeg hosting. The bandwidth and processing requirements for streaming and converting gigabytes of video data are substantially different to those required by sites that serve static text and image assets and only require minimal processing (i.e. executing PHP scripts). To provide the best possible experience for video sharing sites, high power servers optimized for handling large amounts of video are essential.


Site availability can be impacted by a number of different factors. All web hosting depends on adequate maintenance and resource provision but video hosting has specific problems that need to be understood and foreseen by hosting companies. One of the major causes of downtime among video hosting companies is over-selling their shared hosting accounts: when too many of the sites hosted on a server are transcoding video at the same time, it can have a serious impact on all the other sites, and can even lead to downtime as the servers become overloaded.

High quality, professional grade FFmpeg hosting companies ensure that their server resources are not oversold so that client’s sites remain constantly available to their users.


Video sharing sites tend to be frequent targets of hacking attempts and DDoS attacks. Rock solid security and a deep understanding of the issues specific to video sharing clients are essential to avoid the damage to clients reputations that can result from downtime or malware infection.


A good video hosting company will offer dedicated 24-hour support provided by support staff who are deeply knowledgeable about the issues video hosting clients face and are committed to providing a fast and consistent response when issues arise.

It takes great hardware, expertise, and steadfast support to provide the best video hosting platform. If you’re looking for video hosting that ticks all the boxes, AHosting’s FFmpeg hosting is the perfect solution.