FFmpeg Hosting: Build Audiences With A Video Sharing Website

Video sharing sites are hugely popular. From YouTube and Vimeo to Twitter’s short video sharing social network Vine, video is fast becoming the favored medium of many online creatives. The increasing prevalence of smartphone cameras capable of recording high quality video and immediately uploading them to the Internet creates an enormous volume of video data.

That popularity creates an opportunity for web entrepreneurs to build sites that provide a space for the video sharing requirements of niche markets and communities. Back in the day, those groups were catered to by forums, but, in the coming years, video sharing and the communities that grow around them will become increasingly important.

Fortunately, it’s not at all difficult to set up a video sharing site that includes many of the features that users have come to expect from large social video sharing sites like YouTube. Anyone who has the chops to handle a WordPress site shouldn’t have too much trouble managing a video sharing site, especially if they opt for an FFmpeg host that will handle the installation.


What Is FFmpeg Hosting?


FFmpeg is an open source software suite for the recording, streaming, and converting of video and audio media. It is a hugely popular piece of software and is the foundation for many of the most popular streaming video sites, including YouTube. It also provides much of the power behind video software like the VLC media player and Handbrake, a popular video conversion tool. You can think of FFmpeg as the swiss-army knife of video management. It’s capable of encoding video from and to multiple formats, including Flash and HTML5 video formats.

FFmpeg hosting uses FFmpeg along with a video hosting script to create video sharing sites similar to YouTube.


Video Hosting Scripts


Video hosting scripts are comparable to other web applications that make deploying sites easier. They do much the same job for video and audio as WordPress does for content management and Magento does for eCommerce. They provide the foundations on which video sharing sites are built.

Among the most notable video scripts are ViMP, which provides a full-featured enterprise-grade content management system for hosting video, and ClipShare, which provides a comprehensive YouTube-like experience with social networking features for community building.

The third ingredient in a video hosting site is the web hosting itself. Video hosting is a processor, bandwidth, and storage intensive process, and it requires an optimized hosting platform with powerful servers to provide the best experience for video sharers and viewers.

With a high-quality video hosting platform, FFmpeg, and one of the many video scripts, it’s simple to create a video sharing site that will engage users and offer many opportunities for monetization.