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Why Concrete5 Is The Best Choice For A User Driven Website


The world of web design has changed a lot since the early days of the Internet. With the birth of social media, the user is more important than ever before. Perhaps as a direct result of platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, user-driven websites have never been more popular than they are today.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, the modern web focuses almost exclusively on the user, particularly in light of Google’s recent efforts with its search engine. With that in mind, putting the user first during the design process seems like a rather obvious choice – as does focusing on user-generated content. Read more

Six Tips For Optimizing Your Drupal Installation

Drupal Logo

Drupal is an incredibly powerful content management system, with a high degree of flexibility and customizability. At the same time, it tends to be a touch more resource-intensive than other content management systems  — it’s a bit of a memory hog. If a Drupal installation isn’t properly optimized, it could very easily run into a whole host of performance problems as a website grows.

It goes without saying that this is something you want to avoid if at all possible.  After all, a sluggish website makes for a poor user experience, a poor user experience makes for lower search rankings, and lower search rankings make for lower traffic. Not really a cycle any webmaster wants to find their site in, is it? Read more