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How Can You Tell If You’ve Got Negative SEO?

In any field, there will be unscrupulous people who use underhanded tactics to get ahead. The web is no different, especially where search engine optimization is concerned. There exists a ton of black hat SEO tactics that people try to use to get ahead. Read more

Why SEO Is About More Than Just Getting Higher Website Traffic

Search engine optimization used to be a numbers game. For those of us who can remember them, those were dark times. There was no shortage of underhanded, spammy webmasters who sought to game the system through tactics like hidden backlinks, automated content, link-building schemes, and malicious software. Read more

Why Social Media Management Is Essential For Good SEO

Search engine optimization has evolved. While keyword research and on-page SEO are still important in terms of how a website will rank, they’re no longer the only things that matter. How people engage with, perceive, and talk about your brand is every bit as important – if not more so. Read more

Why You Should Only Have One Focus Keyword

Focus Keywords

One thing that virtually every SEO plugin of note shares in common is that they only allow one focus keyword per piece. More than once, I’ve heard folks question the reason for this. Wouldn’t it be better in the case of a piece with a wide range of topics to add multiple focus keywords?

No, not really. Read more