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What Are The Most Important Factors In The Creation Of Compelling Video?

Creating Compelling Video

So, you want to create a few videos for your brand? That’s awesome. With the runaway success of YouTube, video content is now bigger than ever – and few things are more memorable than an awesome video ad.

There’s just one tiny problem. Video isn’t easy. You (usually) can’t just start rolling a camera and hope for the best. Read more

Why It’s Now More Important Than Ever To See To Security On Your WordPress Blog

Important To See To WordPress Security

According to a report from CodeGuard, WordPress now powers 79% of content-driven websites. By comparison, Joomla powers 7.2%, and Drupal 5.3%. The report further notes that designers and developers are flocking to the platform in droves; it’s gained more popularity in that market than it has among bloggers. Read more