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Why You Should Only Have One Focus Keyword

Focus Keywords

One thing that virtually every SEO plugin of note shares in common is that they only allow one focus keyword per piece. More than once, I’ve heard folks question the reason for this. Wouldn’t it be better in the case of a piece with a wide range of topics to add multiple focus keywords?

No, not really. Read more

What Your WordPress Theme Says About Your Blog

WordPress Shirt Logo

The theme is arguably the most important element of a WordPress blog. It’s the first thing users will see when loading in, and will impact their perceptions before they even start reading. The impression a theme leaves on a blog’s readers will determine how they view the blog, what they think of the content and, ultimately, whether or not they’ll come back.

What a lot of authors don’t realize is that a theme accomplishes much more than making a first good impression. By studying how a blog is laid out, it’s entirely possible to accurately judge the author’s personality, what they generally write about, and the sort of content they produce. In certain rare cases, it may even be possible to discern an author’s industry. Read more

Five More Absolutely Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

One of the most formidable aspects of WordPress as a platform is the immense degree of customizability its diverse selection of plugins affords a blog owner. Unfortunately, no two plugins are created equal, and it can often be difficult to decide what’s worthwhile. How’s a blog owner to know what they should and shouldn’t install?

It all starts with knowing what sort of functionality you’re looking for – what types of plugins does your blog require to shine? Read more