3 Reasons You Should Choose MODX For Your Business Site

Among the huge enormous variety of content management systems that are available for business building their site, MODX tends to be overlooked. That’s a shame, because MODX is a fast and powerful content management system that provides businesses with the ability to build everything from a simple blog to a complex publishing platform.

MODX differs from a CMS like WordPress in many ways, and potential users might not be familiar with it. WordPress seems to be almost the default option for business sites. To readdress that, in this article I’d like to highlight three strengths that make MODX a great option for businesses.

MODX Is A True Content Management System

MODX is designed to provide content publishers with a set of tools that empower them to organize their content in the way that best suits that content. Many popular content management systems force their users to work within narrowly defined boundaries, shaping their workflow to conform to restrictions placed on them by the CMSs developers. MODX is different, rather than being just another blogging engine with CMS features tacked on, it implements powerful organizational paradigms that make MODX appropriate for sites ranging from a simple landing page to a full blown web app.


MODX is a developer-friendly content management framework. The ideal CMS completely separates design and content so that content management doesn’t impact on the design possibilities. MODX is much more pleasant to design for than many competing CMSs. For the most part, HTML can be written according to a design and then integrated with MODX using tags.


MODX is a secure platform. Of course, no content management system is absolutely secure, but MODX includes features like aggressive filtering of SQL to help prevent SQL-injection attacks.

It’s never a good idea to rely on security by obscurity, but the widespread prevalence of other content management systems has made them a juicy target for hackers. You can expect to see fewer attempted hacks on a MODX site.

One Reason You Shouldn’t Choose MODx

MODX can do everything the WordPress can do, and vice versa, but they each focus on making different aspects of site building easier. MODX is very powerful and great for developers and designers, but if you’re not familiar with HTML, CSS, and other web technologies, you may have a hard time.

On the other hand, WordPress is perfect for novices who just want to install a theme and a few plugins, and then get on with writing their content, but it can be a pain to develop and design truly original WordPress websites, requiring a deep knowledge of how WordPress works and some experience of writing PHP code.

If you want a truly unique site that takes advantage of the content management and design strengths of MODX, it’s an excellent choice. But, if you’re a novice webmaster, WordPress may be the easier road to take.