How Can You Tell If You’ve Got Negative SEO?

In any field, there will be unscrupulous people who use underhanded tactics to get ahead. The web is no different, especially where search engine optimization is concerned. There exists a ton of black hat SEO tactics that people try to use to get ahead. Read more

Why SEO Is About More Than Just Getting Higher Website Traffic

Search engine optimization used to be a numbers game. For those of us who can remember them, those were dark times. There was no shortage of underhanded, spammy webmasters who sought to game the system through tactics like hidden backlinks, automated content, link-building schemes, and malicious software. Read more

Why Social Media Management Is Essential For Good SEO

Search engine optimization has evolved. While keyword research and on-page SEO are still important in terms of how a website will rank, they’re no longer the only things that matter. How people engage with, perceive, and talk about your brand is every bit as important – if not more so. Read more

Five Ways You Can Keep Your WordPress Site Spam-Free

Keep WordPress Spam Free

WordPress and spam go together like highways and traffic jams. Everyone agrees that the former is indispensable, but desperately wishes it could exist without the latter.

The good news is that unlike with gridlock, there IS something you can do about WordPress spam. Quite a bit, actually. And that’s where we come in. Read more

More WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities Have Surfaced – Here’s What You Need To Know

More WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Even though WordPress is one of the most frequently-targeted platforms for cybercriminals; even though it seems like there’s a new vulnerability connected to the platform every week, WordPress itself is not particularly insecure. Its popular, and its plugin architecture is incredibly open. Read more

The All-Inclusive Guide To Securing Your WordPress Installation

Security WordPress Installation

As you well know, WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. It powers 23% of the web, with over 60 million users worldwide. That popularity has served it well in some regards – it hosts a thriving development community with scores of passionate users coding plugins and helping one another out with technical problems. Read more

Which CMS Is The Best Choice For Dynamic Content?

Best Dynamic Content CMS

Technically, there’s no ‘wrong’ choice when it comes to selecting a content management system. All the top CMS’s have a diverse selection of plugins that allow them to tackle pretty much any task you throw at them – most of them could be used to build your website, regardless of what you intend to do with it. Read more

Flash Is Dead: Long Live Flash

Flash Is Dead

There was a time when Flash was the go-to for rich media content – everything from animations to rich graphics to browser games. Unfortunately, times have changed. Flash is no longer what it once was. Now, rather than being a gold standard, it’s little more than a horrendous quagmire of crippling security vulnerabilities. Read more

WordPress Is About To Get A Lot Better At eCommerce

WordPress Getting Better At Ecommerce

WordPress parent company Automattic is finally spending the $160 million in funding it raised last year – on plugins, apparently. Late last month, it purchased WooCommerce, a powerful shopping plugin designed to help publishers turn their websites into digital storefronts. Although CEO Matt Mullenweg wouldn’t comment on the price, recode claims that inside sources have clocked it at around $30 million. Read more

What Are The Most Important Factors In The Creation Of Compelling Video?

Creating Compelling Video

So, you want to create a few videos for your brand? That’s awesome. With the runaway success of YouTube, video content is now bigger than ever – and few things are more memorable than an awesome video ad.

There’s just one tiny problem. Video isn’t easy. You (usually) can’t just start rolling a camera and hope for the best. Read more